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It’s a world for all future-loving people who are always eager to know about upcoming things like upcoming movies, gadgets, vehicles and events, and many more.

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Get updated by feeds bring from best sources for all upcoming alerts and updates.

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Read feeds according to your interest in short and share to your loved one.

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Check and discover updates from the well organised feeds according to categories.

WhatsUpcoming is for you

It’s a world for all future-loving people who are always eager to know about upcoming things like upcoming movies, gadgets, vehicles and events, and many more.

Everyone follows companies and brands for their upcoming products to buy or to get updated about new. It’s a well-organized platform for such people. We provide the information for bunches of categories from entertainment to technology, from small to large in every aspect. For example, If you are a bookworm and you like to read books and you want to know which book is the latest in the market of your favorite author. Then this is the place you will get an update about books which is going to release by your favorite author. On the other hand, If you are a binge-watcher of movies and web series and eagerly waiting for sequels of your most-liked, then in this world (Whatsupcoming) you will get updated about all. Whatever you are thinking of. Hence, It’s a place of all upcoming stuff.


App Walkthrough

Let's see how the WU app looks like. It's a journey of onboarding to the app. Prime options used by a user for day-to-day activities available in the App. Just download the app to experience in a better way for your upcoming needs. It's available for Android and iOS.

Features our users love

Day/Night mode

Reading in dark? Then make it better for your eyes with 'Night Mode'

Bookmark & Personalize

Bookmark articles for later reading, reference, or sharing
A feed of the latest stories, videos, and other content personalized only for you.

News Categories

WU offers news in various categories for upcoming news and updates. Be it Gadgets, Sports, Health, Entertainment, Exams, Jobs, Games, Food, Hobbies, and Interest and many more

Share the content

With just a tap, you can share content across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Email, etc.

Dual Languages

Why cave in when you can conveniently read news in the language of your choice? WU app lets you stay up-to-date in English and Hindi

Search for content with any keyword

To make things more convenient, the search option lets you find any news by just typing a keyword in the search box. Search lets you find any Feed, recent, or old, by simply typing in a keyword in the search box

Offline Mode

Users can read news offline as well.

News Box

Read Summaries of All Upcoming Information at one place Browse through the info feed to get updated on a topic in a short time Now, stories and Feeds are also available in Hindi - Just tap to switch languages


Notification on newly published Feeds
login to personalize the feeds for notifications

Facts & Questions

Is WhatsUpcoming free?
Yes! After all, the best things in life are free, and WU is definitely the best! We’re a free app and we’ll never charge. You’re welcome to use our app, our website, and subscribe to our free newsletter.
What devices does this run on?
The app works on any iOS device running iOS 13.0 or newer and any macOS 11.0 or newer. It can also run on Android (version here)
How does this app help me?
It's a very important app for all peoples. It helps you to make the decision to buy any products in near future. It's a hub to get an update for products that are going to launch soon.
How does WU use my data?
WU only uses your data to deliver the best possible news experience. We don’t use it for advertising purposes or make it available to third parties for their marketing purposes.

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